Fair prices and transparency


We guarantee fair and transparent prices. Surprises are excluded.


The conditions governing the drawdown of a tax consultant comply with the Tax Consultants’ Fees Schedule (Steuerberatergebührenverordnung, StBVV), and guarantee a high level of transparency.

Our fees depend on:

Object fee (value of the service performed)
Standard fee (fixed fee defined beforehand)
Time fee (fee depending on the amount of time)

Our fees are calculated fair and transparent

Your first, initial consultation of course is free of charge and noncommittal. Further consultation fees depend on the value of interest and up to a maximum of EUR 190, which naturally will be charged to prospective fees in the same matter.

Please contact us for extensive consulting

Tax consultancy costs can be declared as operating expenses or income-related expenses. Depending on your individual tax rate, they reduce the tax burden.

All our services are also available in German, Arabic and Turkish

We also advise you in English, Arabic or Turkish.