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The idea behind F&S Taxes is to tailor tax consulting processes to the needs of startups. This includes an open, understandable and honest communication with short reaction times, a pronounced hands-on mentality and the digitization of cooperation.

We offer all topics of start-up consultancy and tax consultancy comprehensibly and transparently and show alternative courses of action and design options. We offer all services for startups – from the foundation to the exit.

Financial Accounting

The financial accounting is the centerpiece of the costing department. We can carry out the financial accounting of your company with high standards and individual scope.

Payroll Accounting and Payroll Improvement

The accounting of your employees’ wages and salaries is a very sensitive topic for the corporate management. We are able to handle everything around your payroll accounting in our separate department “Lohn/Gehalt”. A part of this department is the area of wages in the construction industry. Our promise is to be prompt, precise and reliable.

Annual Financial Statement

The annual financial statement is ought to state a detailed overview about a company’s personal profitable situation and as a matter of fact has to be in a consistent order. All property values, liabilities, expenses and revenues got to be evident. Since the accountancy of a business is the foundation of its year-end statement, you can call it the yearly summary of a company’s overall result. We are happy to support you by preparing your annual financial statement.

Annual Tax Declaration

Under the attention of all legal requirements and deadlines we are preparing your annual tax declaration. In this context we are able to carry out all fiscal affairs with or without limitation. The tax computation is to be transmitted electronically and preferably paperless to the tax office. This procedure ensures transparency, a simple breakdown and is limiting the time of processing your concerns. After the tax office will issue the tax assessment notice we will review the statement to make sure everything is correct and subsequently allocate it electronically or via Email.

Tax Consulting

Companies as well as private individuals should always view current situations and planned shifts with consideration of their tax estimation. We provide assistance with our entire expertise as a independent and competent advisers.

Commercial Counselling

On a daily basis you have to take economically relevant decisions while managing a company. We can accompany you with the aim of raising the commercial success and secure the income level.

Investment Counselling

As independent counsellors we will guide you by answering all your questions around any investments. We present detailed analyses of their personal capacities for business as well as for private individuals. We will provide understandable and individual advice on how your profit can be optimized and/or on how its values can be administrated properly.

Start Up Support and Counselling

If you are planning to set up your own company, you need an expert by your side! We will help you finding the right legal firm for your company and prepare a significant business plan. In the long term we will support you with our know-how in the fields of taxation and commercial affairs. When it comes to managing crisis, insolvency or the company’s succession we will remain a strong partner. Beside our international background you can benefit from our experiences of dealing with small and large enterprises as well as a thorough knowledge about necessary processes managing businesses. We would never give you any advice that we would not live in our own company!

 Financial Precautions

We want to counsel you as extensive and praxis oriented as possible. The field of financial precaution is very important to any consultation. In a personal conversation we attend to verify and analyse any shortage of financial precautions that should be taken. Furthermore, we will critically survey insurance documents and capital assets. The benefits mentioned above are just a short preview of our capabilities and portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.